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Yorston Falcon Ltd offers a wide range of services and the company’s span of experience covers a broad range of market segments and technologies, providing dependable and exceptional engineering line management and programme management at all levels in order to achieve your goals.

Market Segments:  Automotive Commercial Vehicles and Off-highway Construction & Mining vehicles in global applications

Technologies:  Series Hybrid, Battery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Conventional Combustion Engine

We can provide bespoke strategies to help you, whether you need existing product support, team management or are launching a new project.  Below are the main services we provide, but if you are looking for something out-with  these parameters we are happy to find you a successful solution. 

  • Engineering team leadership on an Interim basis.

  • Executive-level functional leadership

  • Engineering and Programme team delivery 

  • Provision of specialist engineering leadership and programme management services across a wide variety of vehicle product development activity areas:
  • Engineering project delivery

  • Programme Management

  • Product Planning 

  • Technology road-mapping

  • New vehicle / system project planning

  • New Product Introduction process development and deployment

  • Engineering process development,

  • Development budget & resource planning

  • R&D Grant Funding

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